Rosehaven Retirement Village


Rosehaven is committed to providing the residents with quality care and services covering their physical, social and spiritual needs.

Support & Care for the Elderly

Christian ministry to the aged involves caring for each elderly individual as a person created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) and as a person for whom Christ cares (Matthew 25:31-46). We at Rosehaven strive to create a nurturing environment within a community that provides meaningful engagement, lasting relationships and enrichment to the lives of those who live, work and serve, recognising the dignity and worth of the aged individual.



In 1967 at the initiative of Miss Joan Winder who donated R50, the members of the Rosebank Union Church voted to open a fund for the establishment of a home for the elderly. During 1968/69 fundraising commenced. In 1970 two adjacent houses in Rosebank were purchased for what became known as Rosehaven. Four residents moved into the one house, while the matron and her husband lived in the other. 

Three years later a church family made available to the church, at the minimal cost of R33 900, nine stands at Hurlingham Gardens, and the building of Rosehaven Retirement Village commenced.  Later, in the nineties, a further two properties in St Andrews Road each with a house were incorporated. Accommodation and services, in recent years, have required refurbishment or upgrading due to general deterioration over the years.


Who Manages Rosehaven?

A Management Committee of residents and volunteers are elected annually by residents at a General Meeting. Appointed staff are responsible for day-to-day operations.